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We are 

Ramya, Nidhi, Harshitha,

Kavya, Nikita and you.

We are not your agency.

We are a creative branding studio based in Hyderabad. We do not follow a client-agency model and we consciously stay away from that approach. We work with Brands we believe in, only a few at a time, to work as your extended team to give you and the Brand enough time so it can make a mark of it’s own and, above all, make a difference in this competitive world. 

We’re a small passionate team working on selected projects at a time to put out some great work and to have a great time while doing it.  If that’s something that resonates with you, give a knock.

Meet the a-team



Founder, Brand Strategy

Ramya has always been fascinated with brands and the soul they carry. She fell in love with the journey of building brands while closely being part of a year-long rebranding exercise by Moving Brands, one of world's well-known Branding Studio. And, the rest like they say is history. 


adama. comes from the very same passion. She wants to change how brands are perceived and build purpose-led brands that make a meaningful difference in this world. With an all-women team, she's breaking all barriers of the 'agency' world. From making personalized brand workshops so those who drive brands understand them for what they truly are, to supporting as many brands as the team can to survive in times like Covid19, adama has been all that she has dreamt of. Above all, Ramya believes in having a purpose and being driven by it.



Digital Experience


Visual Design

“If its not on social media, it never really happened”

Nidhi is a believer that if you or your brand has the opportunity to share your talent, product, or services with the world do not waste a single second. Be loud and bold. Never subtle. She is a pop culture fanatic and tries to adapt it everywhere she can. For as long as she can remember, marketing is the only thing that could hold her interest and when the Digital Boom happened, she knew this is what she wants to do forever.

“Design is a solution to a problem. Art is a question to a problem.”

Harshitha is a Communications and Journalism major with a passion for design and applied arts.  She believes in the power of visual communication and the ability it has to revolutionize brands far greater than can be imagined.  Adama. challenges her understanding of the contemporary design integrated with branding; to design and to create greater.



Visual Design

                                              “Make it simple, but significant.” 

Kavya truly believes that design has the power to change perspectives and impact people in a formidable way by connecting with people on an emotional level.   She is an architecture graduate with a passion for all things design. Venturing into visual communication and branding, Adama is guiding her in her journey of learning and discovering new things every day and finding her strengths as a designer



Digital Experience

                                      “We have one life and it all works together”

Nikki truly believes that fear should empower you and not hold you back. She grew up watching her dad travel around the world for work and that’s when she truly fell in love with the world of marketing and knew this is what she wants to do as well. Being the youngest in the team, adama has taught her a lot to understand her real passion and helped her grow professionally and personally. 

We are eager to expand our team. Think you'll fit in?