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We are 
Ramya, Nidhi, Harshitha,
Kavya and you.

We are not your agency.

If you’re looking for the client-agency way of going about business, our door isn’t the right one to knock on. Based in Hyderabad, our studio consciously takes up work with brands it believes in — limiting the people it works with but maximizing the stories it tells. Like an extension of your firm, we give your brand enough time to leave a mark on the world it inhabits.


Small and passionate, our team selectively takes up projects to consistently deliver great work and have an even greater time while doing it. If that resonates with you, ring the bell.

Meet the a-team



Founder, Brand Strategy

Ramya has always been fascinated with brands and the soul they carry. She fell in love with the journey of building brands while closely being part of a year-long rebranding exercise by Moving Brands, one of the world's most renowned branding studios. And well, the rest, like they say, is history.


Through adama, Ramya wants to change how brands are perceived and build purpose-led brands that make a difference meaningful to the world. With an all-women team, she shatters every glass ceiling in the agency world. From personalized brand workshops for brand owners to understand their essence to handholding businesses through the pandemic, adama is Ramya’s dream in action.

We are eager to expand our team. Think you'll fit in?