CrossFit Mend


Client: CrossFit Mend

Services: Website | Brand Strategy | Social Media Management | Brand Activations

Brief: At the heart of CrossFit is the importance it attaches to togetherness. This is exactly what Mend values above all. Mend is less about the place and more about the people.

On a year-long journey with CrossFit Mend, a popular CrossFit box in Hyderabad, our challenge was to rightly communicate across channels what mend values the most - it’s people. Right from being on the journey to make the place itself the most people-friendly box in the city to communicate the warmth of the community it’s built, we embark on a continuous journey that translates what the box stands for to a larger audience. From events, Brand partnerships to social media management, the collaboration with CrossFit mend has been a magical journey of building a community like never before.


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